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What Makes Us Unique?

Uniqueness is best described as having no like or equal; unparalleled and /or incomparable.  We here at the JD Sterling International Real Estate Company consider this trait as one that best describes us and one that we are most proud of!  As being able to customize our services for the exclusive benefit of our clients versus what is best for a particular company, we know that the results that our clients receive will truly be the best available option for them rather than the type of results modeled by a company policy or guidelines.  Consider the following:


As the success of the JD Sterling International Real Estate Company has grown both in the San Ramon Valley as well as greater Scottsdale area, we have been approached numerous times from many large “chain style ” real estate companies about merging with their “cookie cutter” type of firms and have rebuked these approaches repeatedly as our independent status has allowed us complete flexibility to put together specific plans of attack for each of our particular client’s needs rather than be bound by the parameters, rules and regulations and/or company policies that dictate so many of these company’s approach to the real estate business.  One of the largest misconceptions that these companies try to get you to believe is that their massive roster of real estate agents is beneficial to your success but in reality this is further from the truth as each agent in each of these companies is simply an independent contractor with no interest in your home unless they happen to be the one representing you in the sale of the property.  Our approach to this business is and has always been the ability to provide you, the purpose of our business with a level of service that is unparalleled in our industry and rather than focus on why you should not do business with one of our competitors, focus on the superior traits that have made our company successful for multiple decades and how these qualities have resulted in a superior results for our clients and will do the same for you.  It is for this very reason that we respectively request that if you are in the market for any real estate services that you give us the opportunity of meeting with you for a no obligation, no pressure and of course complimentary consultation on how our high level of experience, enormous level of success along with unique plan of attack for your specific property can yield you the type of proven results we have delivered time and time again.  We will promise you in advance that the information we provide for you will be delivered in a concise manner, completely factual and most certainly both informative and useful and regardless of whether or not you elect to use our services, as mentioned the consultation is complementary with no obligation ever expected on your part and thus by speaking with us you have all to gain and equally important nothing to lose so please give us a call today!   References are always available for your review and will be gladly provided upon request.

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