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Buying a home should be a fun and rewarding experience but truth be told it is often one of the more stressful exercises one can subject themselves to particularly in a competitive real estate market where many Buyers are bidding on the same property. While common sense and savvy business decisions should be the guiding force when purchasing a property, often times emotions, lack of market knowledge and worse yet, lack of proper preparation can put one in a precarious situation where poor decisions are made such as grossly overpaying for a property or purchasing the wrong property due to the lack of guidance. While choosing a home to live or invest in is definitely a personal decision, knowing the potential pitfalls of a property as well as the true value can alleviate some of the mistakes often made by novice Buyers and for the that matter, novice real estate agents.

JD Sterling International Real Estate operates as a service business and not as a sales business, a premise that has served us well for many decades. When representing our Buyers we explain to them from the beginning that we will show them all properties that meet their criteria needs along with respect for their budget as regardless of their ability to purchase a more expensive home, understand this aspect of purchasing a property is an important piece if not the most important piece in their buying decision. We ask them to look at a home with the understanding that our feelings will never be hurt if the home is not one that feels right and even if it is the best value in the entire marketplace, would never suggest moving forward on a property that would not be perfect in terms of location, value and amenities. We have a keen knowledge of the local real estate market and will clearly explain what a home is worth and why along with employing a “devils advocate” point of view, not to talk a potential purchaser out of a home but rather just the opposite, an effort to make sure they have all of the knowledge necessary to make a sound business decision only on a home they would enjoy having and living in.

Our specialties include serving the first time home Buyer, the repeat Buyer, as well as the investor. We use terminology that is simple to comprehend as we want the experience to be as enjoyable as possible but particularly in the case of the first time home Buyer, want the experience to also be educational. We are experts in the move-up Buyer as well as knowing exactly how to coordinate the sale of a property along with the purchase of the replacement property while simultaneously streamlining the entire process making the move as seamless as possible, a task that might seem easy in theory but one that takes a great deal of experience to master!

Prior to Searching for a Property

* We will sit down with you and carefully listen to your home needs and wants.

* We will once again carefully review with you your budget and as already mentioned maintain a constant respect for that budget.

* We will review with you financing options outlining options that you may not have considered ideally in an effort to make this segment of the home buying process one that is more tailored to your individual needs.

* We will recommend lenders that through our extensive experience have demonstrated an ability to obtain the best financing available along with being able to provide attractive financing options to more marginal Buyers where other lenders have not.

* Through these lenders (or lenders of your choosing) will have the lending process completed thus eliminating the need for financing contingencies which will make you a more competitive Buyer which often times leads to a more attractive purchase price given the negotiation strength not having a financing contingency contributes to.

The Search Process

* We will send to you in advance, all potential properties that meet both your criteria and budget for your review so that you can keep abreast of all homes that become available in a timely manner.

* We will also send to you in advance, recommended properties for your consideration that based on our extensive experience are homes that represent excellent value and are located in premier neighborhoods.

* We will show you as many homes as possible continuously being mindful of your time constraints as we know that part of the search process includes a comprehensive market understanding and by viewing many properties it is helpful in comprehending market value along with often times presenting options and/or features that may become a part of your needs and wants list.

* As previously mentioned, we will outline true market value for any home you are considering using our local knowledge and experience along with of course recent comparable sales information. We will tell you without hesitation if we feel a property is overpriced and why along with any other negative information that would not be apparent that is important for you to know, obviously great information that in itself outlines the need for proper representation in the purchase of a property.

The Negotiation Process

* Successful negotiation results, perhaps the finest skill the professionals at JD Sterling International Real Estate possess and a skill that has been developed by participating in literally hundreds of real estate transactions.

* While all decisions are ultimately those of our clients with those decisions never debated nor criticized, prior to the decision making process of our clients, detailed information will be provided to them to assist with making those choices. This information will be provided in a clear and concise manner with both the pros and cons of a particular property once again detailed.

* Perhaps one of the best benefits of working with an experienced agent such as the team at JD Sterling International Real Estate is that our reputation of professionalism, thoroughness, as well as honesty and integrity has been the difference when a Seller has to choose whether or not to accept an offer from one of our clients. Over the last two decades we have worked with literally every real estate company in the area and those agents from those companies know that we get the job done and more times than not, ask their Sellers to choose our offer knowing that based on past experience with us, the transaction will move forward towards fruition which of course is the goal for all parties involved.

The Escrow Period

* We have an extensive list of professional inspectors who will give a honest opinion of a property’s condition, potential future needs along with areas of concern that may impact our client’s decision on whether or not to complete the purchase of a particular property. We insist that our clients participate in this process as we want them to have a thorough comprehension of the condition of the home given the magnitude of the purchase.

* If the inspections reveal defects or significant deferred maintenance in a property, we are experts in negotiating repairs and/or credits for these items.

* We will carefully review with you the myriad of paperwork associated with a home purchase including but not limited to property disclosures, home inspection reports, HOA documents, financing documents along with title company information including title insurance.

* Our Director of Design, Karin King will provide detailed ideas for immediate improvements along with ideas for future upgrades to assist with the long time viability of a property. Our goal is for you to have a home that you can enjoy for decades, that will meet your family’s needs as well as be able to grow with you as time elapses.

After the Close of Escrow

* Our commitment to service does not cease just because a transaction has closed. We are always available to discuss items such as potential improvements that you may be considering while simultaneously recommending a tradesperson from our extensive resource list or even something as simple as how to rest a GFCI circuit! We want to be your real estate source for life and are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence you have placed in us during your home purchase!

* As we know the purchase of a home is in most people’s case the largest purchase they will make, we want to help you keep abreast as to the value of that purchase and will provide you with regular market updates to assist you with that endeavor. This is a very handy service particularly for planning insurance needs or perhaps for the need of a refinance of your present mortgage.

* Given the complexity of today’s world, things often change such as job transfers, or family changes. We pride ourselves in providing detailed information about options for your property should changes such as these occur. We are experts on leasing and/or selling properties and will gladly review with you in detail the pros and cons of all situations should they indeed present themselves.

* Our consultations are always complementary and never with any obligation on your part at any time!

If you are considering purchasing a home we encourage you to meet with us to learn more about how JD Sterling International Real Estate can not only save you time and money with your purchase but equally important how we can make the process more enjoyable with less stress and fewer issues! Teamwork, honesty and integrity clearly yield superior results, just ask our clients! Call our California office today at 925-244-1500 or our Arizona office at 480-788-1250 to learn more about our vast array of services!

Genuine Service, Sterling Results!

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