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You have made the decision to sell your home and now are faced with the difficult task of selecting a Real Estate Broker to assist you with the sale of perhaps your most valuable asset. Obviously you should be interested in selecting an individual that has a proven track record of success, is familiar with homes like your’s, and can provide you with a level of service that will obtain the type of results that ideally will surpass your expectations. With over 3,000 agents in the Tri-Valley area alone, it can be difficult to find such an individual however we respectively request you consider the following qualifications that the Management Team at JD Sterling International Real Estate are proud to share with you.


Both Glenn King and Karin King are graduates of San Diego State University with Glenn holding a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance and Karin a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Design in addition to being certified by the National Council of Interior Design which is the standard for professional interior designers (NCIDQ Number 8335), along with also being certified by the California Council of Interior Design (CCIDC Number 1650) .

Professional Licenses

Glenn King holds both a California Real Estate Brokers License along with an Arizona Real Estate Brokers License which require much more experience and education to obtain that a simple real estate license which most agents have. Additionally, Glenn is a five time commissioned Notary Public for the State of California. Karin King in addition to holding a California sales license which she has had since 2006, holds the distinction of being a member of the NCIDQ and CCIDC as already mentioned.


The Management Team of JD Sterling International Real Estate have over 35 combined years of real estate sales experience and have sold over $750,000,000.00 worth of homes during this time period. We have represented over 750 buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions and upon request proudly offer several testimonials from past clients describing their personal experiences with Glenn and/or Karin King.

Plan of Action

The JD Sterling International Real Estate Company’s approach to marketing a property is unique as we have an advantage over our competition in many areas. First and foremost, by operating as a team, our clients have the advantage of having two seasoned professionals working for them full time compared to just one individual as is the case in most situations. We take this team approach one step further by not having both team members duplicate efforts on the same task so that we are able to maximize our energies towards selling your home and not duplicating tasks which of course defeats the beauty of the team approach. An excellent example of how this concept works is that both of us belong to different networking groups so that Karin can promote our listings to the several dozen agents in the groups he belongs to while simultaneously Glenn can do the same thus doubling the exposure for our individual client’s homes which of course is the prime job of a seller’s agent. Since the real estate business is a service business and not a sales business, our clients know that at any given time, either Karin or Glenn will be available to take care of any of their real estate needs as we coordinate our individual schedules to insure that we can provide uninterrupted service to our clients 100% of the time! Furthermore, we put in writing in all of our listing contracts the following verbiage: “Seller may cancel this agreement at any time without cost of further obligation on the part of the seller”. The purpose for this verbiage is to demonstrate our confidence in our ability to obtain the type of results we promise you when you hire us. Our plan of attack also includes the following:

Prior to placing your home on the market

  • We will make a through comparative study of your home and prepare in writing a comprehensive comparative market analysis for your property so that the probable selling price for your home can be accurately estimated. To correctly do this we use many of the tools that a professional appraiser utilizes for example, comparable sales, competitive listings in escrow, square footage, location, amenities, and the general condition of your property. We also take into consideration the effect of any existing financing on the property.

  • We will prepare a good faith estimate of anticipated expenses reflecting the estimated net cash you would receive based on the estimated sales price indicated in the comparative market analysis.

  • We will assist you in preparing the home for sale. This may include coordinating contractors to make necessary repairs to the property so that the home’s ultimate selling price can be maximized. We have an extensive list of service providers that will make these repairs at a very reasonable charge as well as in a timely fashion. Furthermore, we will not suggest you make a repair that will not return it’s cost in the form of additional sales price for your home. We also have at our disposal, a professional home stager to properly decorate your home so that it’s appeal can be maximized, a nice feature that often times leads to a quicker sale and a sale at a higher price.

  • We will prepare a professional sales brochure for your home outlining each of the features of the property as well as the features of your neighborhood. This sales brochure is extremely comprehensive and will be distributed to literally hundreds of real estate agents and brokers in the area prior to your home being placed on the market with the intent to create enthusiasm for your property prior to it being offered for sale.

  • We will prepare an advertising campaign for your home designed to create interest in your property. Your home will be advertised 100% of the time it is on the market with an extensive on-line campaign that includes but is not limited to a specific website for your property and through our partnerships with all major on-line real estate websites, enhanced details and photos on all websites for additional exposure.

  • We will have professionally taken digital photos of your home both inside and out and feature your property on our web site as well as national web sites such as and just to mention a few.  Our web site is viewed more often than the web sites of our competition due to the fact that it is advertised daily and through our extensive direct mail campaign. We are in tune with the latest technology available and will constantly update our approach to exposing our listings as new technology enters the marketplace.

  • We have extensive experience in dealing with almost all relocation companies. We have a through understanding in dealing with all of the extra paperwork required by these companies and are approved to work with transferees that have been assigned to virtually any of these companies. When a transferee has a guaranteed buyout available to them, we take great pride in assisting each transferee in obtaining the highest buyout figure possible by participating in the appraisal process. Through our years of experience, we have learned which appraisers value homes high and which ones tend to value them low. We ask you to allow us to help you select which appraisers to use and also ask that we be allowed to be present during the appraisers visit to your home so that we can personally discuss the positive features of your property with them. We have been successful countless times in obtaining a higher valuation for a property from an appraiser, another example of our commitment to service to our clients. Call us to see if we are approved to work with your relocation company.

  • We are affiliated with some of most respected network groups in the valley, groups that are comprised of the top producing agents from most every real estate company in the area. The purpose of these groups is to share marketing strategies, information about individual listings, and other pertinent real estate information with each other with the true ultimate goal of the weekly meetings being exposure of all of the member’s listings to many of the top producing brokers and agents in the valley.

  • We will have a professionally installed, widely recognized JD Sterling International Real Estate yard sign along with a brochure box placed on your property to again create additional exposure for your home as well as making it easier for cooperating brokers and agents to find your property.

Once your home has been placed on the market

  • We will host a brokers tour for your property with the intent of having as many brokers and agents as possible tour your home. This tour will be advertised to all agents and brokers well in advance of the tour date, ideally allowing an unlimited number of cooperating agents to see your property. We will personally be available to discuss with these agents, the many features of your property so that they may share with their individual buyers the positives of your home with the goal being additional showings of your home to qualified buyers thus creating additional interest in your property.

  • We will prepare weekly progress reports for you, outlining feedback from all buyers and agents that have seen your home as well as prepare updates for you on current sales and newly listed properties in your area. The feedback will include comments about the perceived condition of your home, pricing strategy, as well other ideas that ideally will allow us to react to changing market conditions. Since the best decisions are made with ample knowledge, it is important that you have a clear understanding of how the market is responding to your home so that if any adjustments need to be made with regards to price or condition, you will have the proper information to make intelligent decisions regarding these items.

  • We will conduct preliminary qualification of prospective buyers before showing your home to avoid unnecessary showings of your property to unqualified buyers. Our goal is to create maximum exposure for your property to buyers that are qualified to purchase your home, not to simply show it.

  • We will hold open houses for the general public if you desire. We will encourage your neighbors to attend these open houses as often times they have friends or relatives that would love to live in your neighborhood.

Review and Negotiation of Offers

  • We will review all purchase offers prior to presenting them to you to insure that any prospective buyer is truly capable financially to complete the purchase of your property. We will not recommend that you consider accepting a purchase offer from a marginal buyer and will make sure that the information we receive regarding the buyer is indeed factual thus protecting your interests.

  • We will discuss all of the pros and cons of each purchase offer, clearly explaining all of the details and actual costs of each item listed in the purchase offer. We will make our recommendations to you on how to handle each detail although ultimately the decision on how to proceed will be yours. We are expert negotiators and have enormous experience on how to obtain results that benefit the seller.

  • Our marketing plan is designed to create a situation where buyers are actually competing to purchase your property. We have extensive experience in handling multiple offer situations as well as creating them.

During the Escrow Period:

  • We will arrange for any necessary inspections including but not limited to appraisals of the property, termite, roof, and physical property inspections. We will meet with all inspectors so that if any problems present themselves, we will have a clear understanding of what those problems are and how to best handle them.

  • We will monitor and maintain all paperwork required to complete the escrow process including all contracts, addendums, disclosures, and escrow papers. We will assist you with any paperwork that is required to be completed by you and provide you with copies of all documents so that your file will also be complete at the close of escrow.

  • All paperwork required to be completed by you will be done at your convenience and in your home. Closing documents required by the title company will also be done at your convenience and in your home saving you the hassle of visiting a title company during business hours as well as the expense of a Notary Public.

  • If you are moving out of the area, we will provide you with a national referral service to assist you in finding a home in another community if you desire. With our affiliation with National Association of Realtors, we have the ability to provide you with housing and community information from virtually anywhere in the United States as well as most of Europe and Asia.

  • Occasionally, in spite of the best efforts of all parties concerned, problems present themselves during an escrow period. When these situations occur, we take great pride in our ability to solve these problems and have the escrow close on time and without further repercussions. It is these type of situations that separate the amateur from the professional. Through our years of experience, we have had virtually every situation that could threaten the success of an escrow and have solved virtually all of them while simultaneously protecting our client’s best interests. It is because of situations such as these that you should hire a seasoned professional to represent you in the sale of your home. With The JD Sterling International Real Estate Company representing you, you have even a better situation, you have two seasoned professionals looking out for you!

After the Close of Escrow

  • We will remain available to handle any details that may require attention after closing. Even though the transaction may be closed and we have been paid, our commitment to service does not cease.

  • We will always be available to take care of any situation, small or large, to insure that our sellers will not have to.

  • We are committed to creating a life long relationship with each and everyone of our clients.

  • We are always available to help our clients regardless of whether or not they may be considering buying, selling, or leasing any property at any time.

  • We are excellent sources for all of your real estate needs from helping you with a mortgage, to simply notarizing a document if need be.

If you are indeed considering selling your home, we respectively request you consider talking with us about how we may be of service to you and your family. We will meet with you at your convenience with the understanding that the time we spend together is for your informational purposes only and no obligation on your part is expected. We promise you in advance that the information we provide you with will justify your time spent and it will be presented to you in a concise manner with no pressure to use our services now or even anytime in the future. Regardless of whether or not you elect to do business with us, we strongly feel that by talking with us it will help you not only price your home properly, but also help you with proven marketing strategies that have worked time and time again. Glenn can be reached at 925-244-1511 and Karin at 925-519-1140.

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